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Better Returns In Your Flock

We believe every flock has the potential to create better returns on the farm level. Using the influence of top genetics to improve factors such as lamb survival, growth gain, meat yield and ewes mother ability can be one of the best investments for you as a farmer, sheep breeder and flock owner.
Many times we underestimate the need and/or possibilties for better performance in our sheep flocks. Comparing flocks using key performance indicators and sheep using estimated breeding values can help showing hidden opportunities to improve for both small and large sheep flocks.
We believe objective facts such as EBV's, performance recording, and a consistent evaluation of exterior should be a baseline for selection of the best rams and ewes for breeding. The more we know about the parents, the better we can predict the results we see in coming generations of lambs.
Elite OviGen was founded by Anette Skoog, veterinarian and  sheep breeder.
Her interest for animal reproduction, genetics and embryo transfer techniques started when she worked for a global corporation with animal breeding services. Her years in clinical practice was spent with farm animals, horses and pets.
During her career she has worked in management and director positions within the pharmaceutical and animal hospital industry. 
Her practical farming experience comes from a family farm with 700 ewes and 200 beef cattle. She has worked with export certified collection of semen & embryos, import logistics and world-wide shipping for sheep breeders around the world.
Anette served as vice president in the Swedish Sheep Industry Association 2010-2014, president of the Swedish Livestock producers Association 2012-2014 and was a board member of the Swedish Veterinary Association 2004-2006.
Among many different projects with both common and rare breeds, Anette introduced the first Swedish  Gotland Sheep to New Zealand and USA using embryo transfer. She is passionate about sheep and the possibilities of using genetic selection tools to provide better returns on the farm level. 
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