Using embryo transfer gives new possibilities to add unique and high-performing bloodlines to your flock. Frozen embryos from elite donors are implanted in recipient ewes and can be an efficient way to introduce

and expand valuable genetics.

While most embryo collection programmes are tailored for a specific customer / flock we also have frozen embryos available for sale from registered, performance recorded sheep.

We have succesfully worked with embryo export / import from rare breeds and for customers establishing new pure-bred flocks. Each project is unique and we work with owners of small and large flocks to find the best solutions .

Interested in embryos from a specific breed?

Have you used up-breeding with AI earlier but would like

to establish a pure-bred flock?

Do you breed sheep for performance and would like to take

your flock to the next level?

Do you breed rare or heritage sheep and need new genetics to avoid inbreeding? 

Contact us to learn more about our embryo transfer projects and how we can help you reach your breeding goals.