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New breeds added on a regular basis and on-demand.

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Romney rams from high performing bloodlines, raised on pasture. Sheep for breeders interested in both meat and wool. We select our AI sires based on growth, mothering ability, meat yield and wool micron. 


Texels based on the best UK & New Zealand lines. Frozen semen and embryos available from carefully selected rams and ewes. Balanced sheep with all the terminal sire advantages and proven performance. 



Frozen semen from our AI rams for lambs with capacity to grow on pasture.

Bloodlines with excellent maternal traits for easy management in your flock.

Embryos available on request.




Leicester Longwool for good returns in your flock. . Our AI rams have the capacity to improve growth gains, meat yield and wool quality. Add new unrelated bloodlines to your breeding

programme this year.   



We have frozen semen and embryos available. AI rams from 100% Swedish genetics ensure Gotlands with the world-class wool quality your flock deserves. Selection based on growth (pasture-raised lambs), maternal traits, meat yield and wool evaluation. 



Lincolns for growth on pasture, good body conformation and maternity traits. Our AI rams come from unique sire lines and have the wool needed for a competitive dual-purpose breed. We strive to find genetics beyond average. 


New Zealand Perendales - amazing

mothers, milking ability for lamb growth, fine wool and competitive meat traits. This is THE dual-purpose breed, raised and developed to perform on pasture.   



Suffolk rams with sound exterior, raised on pasture with easy care management in mind. Terminal sires adding growth, competitive meat traits and better returns in your flock.



Dual-purpose Border Leicesters for meat and wool. Our  AI rams have  genetic capacity to increase returns in your flock. Wool micron, exterior and estimated breeding values used for selection.     


Finnsheep is an important breed in both wool and meat production flocks.

Our selection criteria:

Finnsheep with excellent wool quality, combining shine and fine fiber in white, black and brown lines.  High fertility, easy lambins  and a good growth /  body conformation.


Dorpers born to perform from proven genetic background. We are happy to provide frozen semen / embryos from elite rams & ewes.  Excellent opportunities to add new genetics in small and large flocks. Start 2021.



We have a limited availability of semen and embryos from VBS for selected flocks with serious interest in the breed.

 Contact us for further information.