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Local production - Global market

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

We know that many of our users, sheep breeders like us, are living in remote and rural areas. Many of us are far away from the big cities and our main customer bases.

We often meet other sheep breeders, with high quality sheep and if you have been working for a while with your flock, you also have a established group of customers. But what if? If you could reach many more buyers and customers, also far away from your own location?

This is one main focus, while we develop Elite OviGen - to connect the local producer with the regional or global community of buyers.

Not all breeders can show their sheep to all potetential buyers, often due to long distances. On the other hand, many of our sheep breeds are present in several countries and the question may be - where can I find the best breeding stock? Connecting breeders in different regions and countries, to facilitate exchange of the best genetics available - thats how our system can work for you.

Local, sustainable food production is one corner stone in most sheep farmers daily operations. Our system connects farmers with large and small buyers to facilitate consumers access to healthy meat from lamb.

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