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Better predictions of genetic value in your flock

We all know about the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to selection of next generation of sheep for breeding. The question is - do you use the full potential of knowledge or just a piece of it?

We can measure many things in an animals phenotype by looking, feeling, weighing or using more advanced tools to enhance accuracy. Since the phenotype we can see is a mix of genetic capacity and environment, there is a limitation on how well it can predict the individuals contribution to the flock.

That´s why we use EBV´s - estimated breeding values based on mathematical calculations to give the best prediction of each individuals genetic value. By using index, statistics and graphs, we can easily compare all animals in a flock or larger group. It makes it possible to find the genetically best sheep effectively. The better tools available for selection, the faster we will have progress in our flocks.

Providing estimated breeding values in a clear, easy-to-understand way is one of the key elements for Elite OviGen.

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