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Genotype? Phenotype? Selection?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

One of our top priorities when developing Elite OviGen is to provide breeders of sheep with information around the genetic capacity of their animals. What we see is always an effect of both genetic traits and environmental factors.

A good lamb, may look better than others just because it was born earlier, had access to better pasture, or other more favourable conditions of importance for a growing lamb. Each animals genetic capacity is hopefully expressed but may also be partly invisible for us.

What´s stored in each animals DNA needs other tools to be visible for us while selecting parents for the coming generations in our flocks. Our system makes it possible to compare genetic capacity among groups of sheep, within a breed population and even across many flocks present in several countries.

You will also be able to register genomic data and pedigree verification information, in order to track your animals genetic value and ensure accuracy of registration records..

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