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January - Search for AI rams

January is the month for ram searches and collection of data. How do we select rams for AI projects? Working with breeders interested to improve their flocks performance we are looking for genetic data and supporting facts for many rams to find the best. Here is one example of the selection process. Breeder is looking for unrelated genetics from 2 different rams.

1) Identify breeders working with pasture based sheep operations, no early input of supplements to ewes & lambs.

2) Search for unrelated genetic 🧬 lines

3) Retrieve performance data for a larger group of rams including their estimated breeding values for all available traits.

4) Recieving breeder wants to find rams with particularly strong traits for meat yield. All rams are ranked for this index as well as for their combined, dual purpose capacity.

5) Smaller group of rams selected on genetic data evaluated for body conformation, type and bone structure. The breeder choose based on photos and videos captured.

6) Final rams for semen collection selected.

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