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We are joining YCombinator Start-Up School

Manage your new company, develop a brand new software and recruit competent people - that is the daily life for a start-up founder. When aiming to build a system that can serve many peope - challenges arise and new knowledge is needed.

Our company has got the opportunity to join YCombinators Start-Up School for early stage founders - we are committed to learn as much as we can from the high level panel of teachers and seminars that will be given. YCombinator is one of the most well known start-up accelarators in the San Francisco bay area - and we will certainly take the opportunity later and try to be one of their selected companies in the next cohort 2019.

Whatever happens - we will continue to build our system for the sheep breeding community. If you want to be among the first flocks using our on-line system, subscribe to our newsletter now!

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