We breed elite ewes for clients interested in unique genetic backgrounds for their embryo transfer programmes. 

Our contract breeding services can help you maintain, expand and improve your best genetics under biosecure standards.

This is a way to reduce health risks and keep a smaller part of your flock eligible for export certifications.

If you would like to work with ET but prefer to outsource part or all of the care and management of recipient ewes,  we have different options for you dependent on location and country.


We regularly perform search projects to find unique genetics for sheep breeding clients.

Maybe you look for a certain sire line, a specific genotype or sheep with outstanding growth gain?

Do you have an ewe flock in need of improvement for specific traits and want to find a ram not used by "everyone"?

Interested to find top quality rams from your breeds country of origin?

Have a rare breed or heritage sheep with few unrelated rams/ewes available in your country?

We can help you find new, unrelated genetics for your flock.